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Re: Insight Debugger Help

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 09:11 +0200, wrote:
> Hello everybody, 
> I need some help configuring insight debugger (gdb 6.0)...
> I'm using arm-elf-insight....
> I can't debug files using simulator as target device

Zowie! 6.0 is very, very old. I would very much recommend trying a newer
version (or CVS HEAD/snapshot). My memory is failing on this subject,
but I seem to recall quite a few arm-elf problems with gdb around that
time (but I could be mistaken).

> It gives me sometime a Virtual Memory Low error and others times it only
> say: can't find executable and it exits from the program window....

Hmm. Doesn't sound good. Insight (the gui) seldom crashes/exits
abnormally (or abruptly). In most cases gdb (the "backend") does this.

So let's start with the output of "insight --version". Other thing to
try is running with "insight -nw" (or "insight --i=console") and seeing
if you can manually attach to the simulator and run it. If you do this,
could you please cut and paste the entire session into an email for the
list? That would be very helpful.

Note also that many simulators require you to recompile the code for the
simulator, linking against a simulator-specific library. (In other
words, the same executable often -- not always -- does not run on both
hardware and the simulator.)


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