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RE: [RFC] syntax highlighting

----Original Message----
>From: Steven Johnson
>Sent: 05 August 2005 05:15

> Hi,
> With some work, i was able to apply the patch.
> In future, could you prepare your patch on the whole GDB/Insight Tree,
> instead of the individual files.

  And can I also ask you send it as an attachment, rather than inline with
your text please?  I had to manually unwrap a bunch of lines, and the
version in the web archive has lost all its indentation; it's always better
to send patches as attachments to prevent them being processed.

  Anyway, I'll give this patch a go as well.  I agree with Steven's points;
it needs to be en/dis-ableable, and it need to be parameterized to tie in
with gdb's notion of source language in some way.  I wonder if there isn't
some existing language-agnostic open-source syntax highlighting component we
could plug in in some way?  I'll have a bit of a browse on the web over the

  Thomas and Vineeth, thank you both for your efforts.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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