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Re: insight gdb debugger with Eclipse

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On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 09:46 +0200, wrote:
> This is what I have...
> In the image you can see I succesfully connected to the simulator... After
> I opened the "hello.out" file for debugging...
> Commands you gave me (I hope they're commands) seems don't work..
> I insert "insight --version" into console of insight but the command is undefined....
> Probably I'm wrong...I must use them in a different way....
> I also tryed to use them in windows' cmd shel but they don't work
> I would use Eclipse or Insight....first will run will win my confidence
> Thanks a lot for your help....

"insight --version" is a command line option. You should be able to use
this from the command shell, provided Insight is on your path.
Alternatively, use "show version" from the console window while insight
is running.

To see if you can actually connect to the simulator properly, type (in
the console window):

(gdb) target sim
(gdb) load
(gdb) break main
(gdb) run

If that works, the line that is blue in your image should turn green,
indicating the current PC is at that line.

If that much works (and there are no errors printed to the console
window), insight should work, too. You may have to set the target
settings manually using File->Target Settings... (the target settings


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