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Re: MinGW setjmp SEGV

Hi Andrew,

You may get better results from a CVS snapshot, if you dont want to check out CVS HEAD. Can you try and build one, and see if that fixes your problem.

See the insight web page for details on the latest snapshots.


Andrew STUBBS wrote:


I have been trying to build Insight 6.1 (patched into GDB 6.3) for MinGW (and Linux and Solaris but they weren't much trouble).

The problem I hit has been previously reported here:

There are a number of patches required to make it build, but most are trivial and may not be relevant since 6.1 so I shall not post them. Basically I had to check whether the cygwin filename-handling tcl functions exist before using them, define __INSIDE_CYGWIN__ in a couple of tcl/tk files, and rename the hooks because they now have a 'deprecated' prefix.

However, the most serious failure was caused by broken code in the tcl dll screwing up the SEH and causing setjmp to fail. This problem has been fixed in the latest tcl at

The attached patch (code copied from sourceforge) is sufficient to fix the issue. Note that I have included the diff of the whole file and it includes one of the minor changes mentioned above.

Hopefully this patch will help others who have hit the same problem.

Andrew Stubbs

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