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Re: Compiling the latest GDB on cygwin

Jingzhao Ou wrote:

I want to make some contribution. Currently, Insight ships with its
own version of tcl/tk. Also, it still relies on libgui. Could you
comment on the possibilities and the amount of work required if I want
Insight to build based on the official tcl/tk and to remove its
dependence of libgui?

We ship insight with standard tcl/tk/itcl. All that is really required is updating the configure scripts to check for a system version and use it instead of the supplied ones.

As for libgui, what we need to do is steal whatever we need from that and dump the rest. I haven't a clue how much insight actually uses, but it would be an interesting exercise to figure this out, and see what we can do to stop using whatever remains.

I any case, I don't see a compelling reason to dump whatever is in libgui unless someone really has some time on his hands. Insight is currently the only consumer of libgui, and I'm the maintainer, so we can do whatever we want (or don't want with it).


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