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Re: Compiling the latest GDB on cygwin

Dear Keith,

First of all, I am a newbie to GDB and am now seeking advice,
suggestions and, if possible, discussions. I may ask some very silly
questions as a newbie. But please be understanding that I have NO in
tension to offend any one on this mailing list. I just want to enjoy
the fun and freedom offered by a great piece of open source program.

The reason why I raised the libgui question is because I suspect that
due to libgui, the compilation of Insight requires the source code of
Tcl and Tk. That might be the reason Insight ships with its own
version of Tcl/Tk. Maintaining such piece of software along with the
standard Tcl/Tk distribution may be quite time consuming. Also, it may
complicate the compilation process. I am hoping that there can be a
better solution to resolve this problem.

For example, if Insight is written based on WxWidget, I think
compiling Insight requires the source code of WxWidget, rather than
the APIs provided by it, may turn out to be inconvenient for its
developers. I am assuming a similar case for Tcl/Tk here.

However, as I has mentioned, my thinking can be very silly. Please do
NOT hesitate to correct my stupid errors.

Finally, wish all of the people on the mailing list have a great day!
I am very happy today because I have a working Insight to play with
from now on. :-)

Best regards,

On 8/17/05, Keith Seitz <> wrote:
> Jingzhao Ou wrote:
> > I want to make some contribution. Currently, Insight ships with its
> > own version of tcl/tk. Also, it still relies on libgui. Could you
> > comment on the possibilities and the amount of work required if I want
> > Insight to build based on the official tcl/tk and to remove its
> > dependence of libgui?
> We ship insight with standard tcl/tk/itcl. All that is really required
> is updating the configure scripts to check for a system version and use
> it instead of the supplied ones.
> As for libgui, what we need to do is steal whatever we need from that
> and dump the rest. I haven't a clue how much insight actually uses, but
> it would be an interesting exercise to figure this out, and see what we
> can do to stop using whatever remains.
> I any case, I don't see a compelling reason to dump whatever is in
> libgui unless someone really has some time on his hands. Insight is
> currently the only consumer of libgui, and I'm the maintainer, so we can
> do whatever we want (or don't want with it).
> Keith

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