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Re: Compiling the latest GDB on cygwin

Dear Keith,

Thanks a lot for your information. I will be looking at the source code carefully recently and see how much I can be of help.

Regarding the usefulness of Insight, there is some good news. The Embedded Development Kit (EDK) from Xilinx (the largest company in reconfigurable hardware, uses Insight. I believe quite some researchers and engineers in the reconfigurable computing area are using Insight for embedded system development.

Also, if you know about ModelSim from Mentor Graphics (, you will see that Tcl/Tk is very important in the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) world. Based on Tcl/Tk, I believe that Insight makes a lot of sense in EDA. For example, it is very suitable for tool integration issues.

Best regards,

Keith Seitz wrote:
 > The big thing to try is to hack the configure scripts for libgui, gdb,
and gdb/gdbtk and see how painful this transistion will be. I admit, I have been hesitant to do it (or any insight work for that matter): I believe insight has outlived its usefulness, and most people are moving onto other gdb front-ends.


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