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Re: [RFC] syntax highlighting

Jon Beniston wrote:
Sorry but I do not understand where I've done something that violates the existing copyright.
You haven't.

Correct -- you haven't done anything wrong in any way even remotely imaginable.

As far as I'm interpreting this, I'm allowed to modify the source e.g. by adding the syntax highlighting stuff to it.

You are. If you want to take all the source and start your own fork that's fine.

Absolutely correct.

Red Hat itself might have a set of rules which kind of modification they accept and which they will reject.

The only reason I can see why you need to assign copyright is so that Red Hat can license Insight under a different (non-free) license. But maybe I'm being a tad cynical.

Well, I can't speak for that, because I'm pretty sure Red Hat is finished with Insight (so much so that I can't even get 10 minutes from an attorney to sign paperwork assigning Red Hat's copyrights to the FSF).

I am simply following the FSF's rules for development. If you make a non-trivial change to the code (and I'm usually quite generous with what I consider trivial), we need to have you (and your employer, if necessary) assign copyright to us. [For a more official explanation of why this is done, see .]

In Insight's case, the compelling reason AFAIAC is specifically for the dream of one day assigning all of insight over to the FSF. If the FSF suspects for a moment that some chunk of code doesn't have sufficient legal proof that we own the copyright, it will be rejected.


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