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Re: Insight Configuration Problems

Kingston Co. wrote:

Printed in the directions for building and installing insight it states:
Right now, Insight MUST be built using the versions of Tcl, Tk, Itcl, and Tix that come with the sources.
My question is: I found Tcl, Tk, and Itcl in the source distribution, but Tix is missing. Which version of Tix do I download and install for Insight to work properly? Are there any special instructions about Tix that I need to know in order to install it correctly?


Sadly, the documentation is incorrect, and has been for some time. [I'm not entirely sure how long.]

As it is, when you checkout Insight from CVS (or download a snapshot), you will get everything you need to build Insight, including tcl, tk, itcl, and libgui.

Although the goal is to get rid of the dependency on our built-in versions of tcl, tk, and itcl for "standard" releases, we're not quite there yet. Actually, I bet we're *awfully* close. Just a lot of configury changes need to be made, I think; this has been true for some time since we moved to more standard versions of tcl, tk, and itcl in the repository.

One of these days, I'm gonna hack the configury to allow us to build using pre-installed versions of these things.


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