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Insight on Cygwin : GUI is not showing up


I'm trying to build and run Insight-6.1 on Cygwin/X, on a Windows XP SP2 host.

The underlying gdb is configured for mips-elf target.
Everything seems to build nicely, but when I run gdb, only the usual command-line
gdb is showing up, with nothing from Insight.

Here's the steps I've followed :

download a patch for the included tcl libraries (forgot from where, so I've
attached the patch file "cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff")

$> cp ~/insight-6.1.tar.gz /usr/src/archives
$> cd /usr/src
$> tar -xzvf ./archives/insight-6.1.tar.gz
$> cp ~/cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff /usr/src/insight-6.1
$> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1/tcl/win
$> patch -p 2 < ../../cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff
$> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1
$> ./configure --target=mips-elf
$> make
$> make install

So far so good, no error or warning showed up.
Then I launch gdb, but there's not GUI / popup windows from Insight that appear.

Any idea what could be wrong ?
I've followed the instructions from "";,
which say that 'if everything went well', the GUI should show up.

I'm not too sure about this part of the above README :
"Just run it like you would a normal GDB (in fact, it's actually called `gdb').
If everything goes well, you should have several windows pop up."

Shouldn't it be the other way around ? I'm thinking, normally it should be the
above layer (insight) that calls gdb, or not the other way around, unless the
insight build adds something to the gdb source so that is calls the Inishgt
tcl/tk GUI when launched..

Any hint ?

I have had major failures with ddd, and now with Insight, and people around me
are waiting for these tools.
Here's a good example of OSS not being the good choice for anyone :/

Thanks for any bits of help !!!
Antoine Fink
350 Legget Drive
Kanata, ON K2K 2W7

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