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Re: Insight on Cygwin : GUI is not showing up

a.fink wrote:


I'm trying to build and run Insight-6.1 on Cygwin/X, on a Windows XP SP2 host.

$> cp ~/insight-6.1.tar.gz /usr/src/archives $> cd /usr/src $> tar -xzvf ./archives/insight-6.1.tar.gz $> cp ~/cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff /usr/src/insight-6.1 $> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1/tcl/win $> patch -p 2 < ../../cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff $> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1 $> ./configure --target=mips-elf $> make $> make install

you need to add --enable-gdbtk when configuring, you should then get 3 binaries (assuming everything went well) insight (gui), gdb (cli)and gdbtui(curses interface)

I have had major failures with ddd, and now with Insight, and people around me
are waiting for these tools.
Here's a good example of OSS not being the good choice for anyone :/

Sometimes it just takes a little perseverance. I've recently managed to successfully built insight 6.1 with gdb 6.3 patched in for native windows host and arm-elf target using msys/mingw. The latest gdb from CVS head now builds with this enviroment with minimal patching - still having a bit of trouble convincing it to add Insight but I'll get there in the end.


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