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Re: Insight on Cygwin : GUI is not showing up

Hi Dave,

You do know that Insight is still in the GDB CVS Tree dont you?

Also, the Insight website has some recent CVS Snapshots, which should build OK.

That might be a lot easier than trying to take the insight code from 6.1 and inject it onto GDB6.3 (without insight). There have been a number of patches since then (just no official release).


Dave Murphy wrote:

a.fink wrote:


I'm trying to build and run Insight-6.1 on Cygwin/X, on a Windows XP SP2 host.

$> cp ~/insight-6.1.tar.gz /usr/src/archives $> cd /usr/src $> tar -xzvf ./archives/insight-6.1.tar.gz $> cp ~/cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff /usr/src/insight-6.1 $> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1/tcl/win $> patch -p 2 < ../../cyg-tcl-sehfix.diff $> cd /usr/src/insight-6.1 $> ./configure --target=mips-elf $> make $> make install

you need to add --enable-gdbtk when configuring, you should then get 3 binaries (assuming everything went well) insight (gui), gdb (cli)and gdbtui(curses interface)

I have had major failures with ddd, and now with Insight, and people around me
are waiting for these tools.
Here's a good example of OSS not being the good choice for anyone :/

Sometimes it just takes a little perseverance. I've recently managed to successfully built insight 6.1 with gdb 6.3 patched in for native windows host and arm-elf target using msys/mingw. The latest gdb from CVS head now builds with this enviroment with minimal patching - still having a bit of trouble convincing it to add Insight but I'll get there in the end.


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