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Re: Serializing closures

balaban ittai <> writes:

> Ok. I think I got things sorted out. It turns out that the biggest problem
> in serializing Scheme stuff was that I some of the code was being
> interpreted and wasn't precompiled. This caused the whole Kawa package to
> be serialized along with my stuff.

Even if the code isn't being pre-compiled, it does get compiled
dynamically, except for really trivial Expressions that should
not need to be serialized.  I.e. anytime you have a let or a lambda
in your code, it gets compiled.

So I still don't understand why "the whole Kawa package" would be
serialized.  It certainly seems like a bad thing to happen ...

> So basically, to make things serialize I had to change a bunch of class
> declarations to make them implement Also, I had to
> add a few public no-arg constructors to some classes in gnu.bytecode. I'd
> like to know if this stuff can go in the distribution.

You send my patches (diff -c or better diff -u), plus ChangeLog
snippets summarizing your changes.  Independent changes should be
sent as separate emails.

But if class in gnu.bytecode or gnu.expr need to be Serializable,
I want to know why.  I could see some gnu.bytecode.Field needing
to be Serialized, because of the record feature.
	--Per Bothner

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