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Re: continued troubles migrating from 1.6.1

"Paul R. Potts" <> writes:

> You're right, Per, something is really going wrong. When I create an
> instance of Scheme using
>             Scheme myInterpreter = new Scheme();
> I get back a Scheme with an environment that has no bindings. It appears
> that the define_syntax calls in initScheme are failing. There are some
> definitions showing up in the ancestor, like integer-length, but the loaded
> flag is null.

(You mean the load "field" - a "flag" is a boolean field.)

The "loaded" field is supposed to be null, until the "load" method gets

> This worked fine with the .zip file for kawa 1.6.1, but doesn't work right
> using either the source or the .jar file for the latest version. I don't
> have a command-line Java compiler on the Mac OS in order to generate the
> .class files on the fly. Do you have a built version of all these classes
> that I can statically link in?

Er, the .jar file *is* a built version of all these classes.
You can always use the jar tool (if you have it ...) to extract
the .class files.

I assume you've checked out:
(It does look like it needs to be updated, though.)
	--Per Bothner

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