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Re: Newbie question

08/23/2000 06:22, s.blomberg

> I'm using version 1.6.59, which is the latest version on
> the "Kawa for Macintosh" web page. Will support for kawa on macs improve?

I feel negligent since I haven't had time to update the page. Furthermore, I
haven't been using the JBindery method described, but MRJAppBuilder.
Nevertheless, it is a simple matter to update your implementation to 1.6.70
by the following:

1)  Download kawa-1.6.70.jar from the kawa ftp site

2)  Find the older compiled version of kawa in your MRJClasses folder
    [disk]:System Folder:Extensions:MRJ Libraries:MRJClasses:*

3)  Remove the older version and place the correctly typed kawa-1.6.70.jar
    file in the MRJClasses folder. See the kawa-mac page for info on setting
    the correct creator and type.

4)  Launch your JBindery stub application as usual, since MRJ looks for
    the kawa.repl class in the $CLASSPATH rather than a version or file
    name, it automatically uses to newer version of kawa.

((lambda (args) (display args)) "
    Robert D. Skeels
    Associate Research Scientist")

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