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Re: Exception when calling fn. using for-each in Java

Jocelyn Paine <> writes:

> Now, this is NOT because I've passed a null parameter to pairToVector:
> the same exception also happens if I construct a Kawa list and pass that.
> By compiling various Kawa functions and calling from Java, I've discovered
> that it's the presence of a for-each in the function that provokes this
> error, whether or not it is acting on objects passed from Java. But such
> functions work OK when called from Kawa. 
> Tentative hypothesis: when Kawa compiles a 'for-each', it generates some 
> kind of initialisation code which needs to be executed when the function 
> is called for the first time. This is automatic when calling from Kawa, 
> but not from Java. Any suggestions?

It has nothing to do with for-each per se.  However, you need a
Scheme environment for the Scheme code it work.  You should add:


to the start of main.  This is documented in the Kawa manual,
though it may be easy to overlook, because of lack of examples.
	--Per Bothner

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