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"foo" as string

(another?) VerifyError with kawa-1.6.70

(error ....) disapeared in CVS tree version

<input-port> overloading for automatic stream conversion

[KAWA] -> Java

Allocation of the heapFrameLambda

Association lists

beginner problem

Best way to interface Java?

Book on Scheme to JBC compilation

BRL 2.1.12: Faster startup; e-mail sending functionality added

BRL 2.1.14: HTTP cookies, easier installation, bigger manual

BRL 2.1.20: friendlier installation; search results; column sorting

BRL 2.1.21: debugging bugfix; JServ-SSL; less clutter

BRL 2.1.4 released; best features of JDBC interface documented

BRL-2.1.2: a database-oriented system for Scheme web pages

Bug for invoking interfaces in CodeAttr

Bug in Arithmetic (kawa/gnu.math)

bug in invoke + reflection patch/improvement

Bug returning lambda(x.y)

bug when compiling macro


bug: remainder may return negative values

Bugs and Optimizations

build problem

Building Kawa with cygwin and javac for win32


Calling java methods from kawa

can't find class foo

cannot 'require' in embedded code

cannot 'require' in embedded code (AGAIN...)

Changing classpath whilst Kawa runs

Changing classpath whilst Kawa runs - Whoops!

compilation (and some CLOS)

Compilation teaser

Compiled kawa problem (NOT Re: JEMacs paper)

Conforming to base classes [KAWA]


constructors in KAWA?

continued troubles migrating from 1.6.1

Creating java classes [KAWA]

defmacro question

Different results with eval and compileToFiles()

draft slides for JEmacs talk

DST-Pocket MirrorDrive, as requested

Dynamic classes

emacs convenience

environment problem still happening

equal? and arrays

Error stream in GuiConsole

Exception when calling fn. using for-each in Java

FW: failure notice

for-each does not compile in CVS tree

function re-define

generic procedures


going on vacation

Handling Bindings for Perl variables

Handling the Perl VM's "list" op with Kawa IR

HELP!: pointers on unsing expr: A.evaluate() && B.evaluate() || c.evaluate()

How does Kawa's define_proc() call work?

IllegalAccessError in latest cvs version


improved module support in kawa

Interfaces in ClassType

Is kawa good for....?

Is your site listed

JEMacs paper

kawa 1.6.64 released

kawa 1.6.66 released

kawa 1.6.70 released

kawa and gcj?

Kawa applications/projects?

Kawa bug report

Kawa Code Formatting

Kawa consultation

kawa cvs now inlines map and for-each

Kawa examples

Kawa externalizatio support checked in

Kawa fails to make on 2 different Linux boxes (long)

Kawa in practice

kawa internals paper online

kawa module and slib support checked in

Kawa now supports applets

kawa question [forwarded]

Kawa Servlets

Re: Kawa Servlets and Kawa libraries generally

kawa snapshot 1.6.68

Kawa update

kawa use of java 2 collections

kawa_1.6.70_all.deb ?

macros and compilation

major Kawa changes checked in

manual organization


module extension


modules and constructors

More module problems

Multiple methods with the same name and argument types

Newbie question


One last bit 'bout serializing

OOP in Kawa

Oops, I forgot the files

other languages supported by kawa

OVERRIDE Multiple methods with the same name and argument types

Path for void constants

plastic knitting bags

Possible bug with compilation/stdout?

problem with (set! (static-field ...) ...)

problem with environments

Problem with macro while compiling

problem with set!

Problem with setting Fonts with the latest CVS

read-line and CRLF

Referring variable from one module to an other

regression test

reload classes

Replacing reflection with gnu.bytecode

requiring a module from java

Re: Result of research into optimizing implementation of association lists

Result of research into optimizing implementation ofassociation lists

seeking standby speaker for oscon2000

Seperate class for Perl scalars?

Serializing closures

set! problem

should BRL releases be announced to the kawa list?

SLIB support

small typo in docs

Socket repl

some patches

some questions using callbacks to java

still having troubles migrating from 1.6.1... confusing behavior,docs

Re: still having troubles migrating from 1.6.1... confusingbehavior, docs

Strange Binding

telnet question

two bugs and a buggy patch

unimplemented support for compiling gnu.expr.PrimProcedure literals

Using Kawa to port Perl to the JVM

Using more than one interpreter

using netbeans for Kawa?

verification puzzle solved

VerifyError re. Object.getClass().getName()

VerifyError re. uninitialized register

VerifyError with kawa-1.6.70

version and packaging issues

workaround for compiling gnu.expr.PrimProcedure literals?

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