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Re: glibc-crypt 2.0.111

[Ulrich Drepper]
>>     make: error in loading shared libraries:
>> 	make: symbol __rawmemchr, version GLIBC_2.1 not
>> 	defined in file with link time reference
> This means you somehow managed to get a mismatch between the
> and the used or you have a binary linked against
> from 2.0.111 and you are using a different version to run it.
> Check which libraries are used, the symlinks, maybe LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> if you have this set.

  I don't see how that could happen.  Literally, this is the difference
between the scripts I used to build the two homebrew distributions:

	retrieving revision 1.114
	diff -r1.114 MKTREE
	> export GLIBC="h/src/glibc-2.0.110.tar.bz2"
	> export GLIBC="h/src/glibc-2.0.111.tar.bz2"
	< 	('cd' $CHROOT && bunzip2< h/src/glibc-2.0.110.tar.bz2 | tar fx - $TVERB)
	> 	('cd' $CHROOT && bunzip2< $GLIBC | tar fx - $TVERB)
	retrieving revision 1.342
	diff -r1.342 MKROOT
	< 		texinfo-3.12"
	> 		zlib-1.1.3 texinfo-3.12"
	< 			GCRYPT=glibc-crypt-2.0.109.tar.bz2
	> 			GCRYPT=glibc-crypt-2.0.111.tar.bz2

  "MKTREE" there builds a clean chrooted environment to compile everything
in.  Compiler, binutils, etc.  All copied out of recent utilities that
I'm using elsewhere (a previous distribution) or installed out of the
last distribution build.  The glibc bit is special was too complicated
(used too many programs to install itself, and of course was rather
destructive if you compiled the same version on top of itself) so I untar
a prebuilt version (made using "install_root=xxx" to a clean location).

  In "MKROOT", the texinfo-3.12/zlib-1.1.3 bit was because glibc-crypt
was complaining about makeinfo not being able to find a version #
(because the shared libz it was compiled to use weren't installed into
the clean tree).  The glibc-crypt-2.0.109 is obvious enough.

  I've been using for a really long time.  Looks like
I started using it on Jul 17 1998 and that is going to last me all the
way back before glibc-2.0.105 (a precompiled tarball I have laying about),
and probably back to glibc-2.0.96 going by dates on downloaded files.

  I try to compile everything with everything and start with as little as
possible to avoid past binary/library contamination.  I go out of my
way to do it, as a matter of fact.

  That said, I don't know why that would happen.  (:

  Before glibc-crypt failed to compile/configure, bzip2-0.9.0c,
perl-5.005.02, bison-1.25, flex-2.5.4a & gettext-0.10.35 *did* compile
and configure in the clean environment.
								--- john

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