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Re: Race unlocking-locking mutex

On 9/13/13 12:23 PM, Ángel González wrote:
On 13/09/13 10:53, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
I expect that glibc will only be interested in an implementation if
you can show a considerable performance boost for having the library
implement the ticket lock.
Even though "the scheduling policy shall determine which thread shall
acquire the mutex", it seems weird that the thread which ends up
acquiring the mutex is not one of the threads which were blocked waiting
on it.


David problem should be solved if the unlock atomically assigned it to
the waken thread (instead of waiting for it to reacquire the mutex).
However, as it is a kernel decision, I think it would require a new
futex operation, which stored in uaddr2 the waken tids. Then
mutex->__data.__owner could be passed as uaddr2 and the mutex considered
also locked if owner != 0.

Not necessarily proposing this for libc, but the product I work on needs a solution for this problem that invokes some kind of fairness -- and without adding too much complexity.

One option that comes to mind is adding a new element in the mutex -- a __prev_owner. On the unlock path set __prev_owner to thread id, release lock, awaken a waiter. If it is an uncontended lock (no tasks awakened or waiting), set __prev_owner to 0.

On the lock path check if __prev_owner is equal to thread id and if so take the slow path into the kernel.

Any particular worrisome race conditions to be wary of?


Carlos: I was careful not to use the word 'bug' in my responses. ;-)

There's an interesting reading at
(Ticket spinlocks), including some impressive numbers. The kernel
spinlocks were having pretty much the same problem, with the processor
which released the spinlock reacquiring it before the waiters (probably
due to owning the cache line).

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