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Need help processing locale bugs

Some of you might have suspected this, but I am starting to realise
that I do not have enough spare time to process all the incoming glibc
locale bugs.  This is a plea for help.

I've written <URL:>
earlier, document what I know or believe about the current glibc
locale maintainence.  You will find links to the 54 glibc locale bugs
in bugzilla from there.

At the end of the howto, there is a script capable of detecting some
of the common bugs in the locale files.  I use this to check new
submissions, and as a quick review of change requests.

I try to keep the list of current locales and their maintain up to
date, and contact the author and previous contributors whenever a new
change request for a locale arrives.  This takes some time, and do not
always result in any feedback.

I try to look through all the new bugs submitted into bugzilla, and
provide feedback to the reporter.  I also try to attach complete
patches (including a changelog) to the bugzilla bug, for future
reference.  If the change seem non-controversial and obvious, at the
end I submit the patch to libc-hackers@ and hope some of the commiters
will accept it and include it in CVS.  If the change is controversial
or non-obvious, but seem ready for inclusion into CVS anyway, I submit
it to libc-alpha@ and hope for the good will of glibc commiters.

When I have no idea if the change will be accepted, like new @modifier
strings, or changes were the references documenting the correct values
are missing or are not very convincing, I tend to let the bug report
rot in bugzilla, because I have no idea what to do with it.

In short, I need help processing bug reports, testing change requests,
tracking down comments from those who know the correct settings for a
given locale, and for preparing patches for submission to the glibc

There is no job description, but the amount of bugs just keep
accumulating, and I am rarely able to give priority to glibc bug
fixing.  If you want to help out, take a look at the bugs in bugzilla,
provide review and comments, ask the locale authors and contributors
for comments (I try to get them to submit them directly into bugzilla,
but rarely succeed. :), and generaly help me create a community on
libc-locales@ fixing the known glibc locale bugs. :)

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