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[Bug localedata/2527] Maybe first work day should be monday by default?

------- Additional Comments From samuel dot thibault at ens-lyon dot org  2006-04-10 15:34 -------
Subject: Re:  Maybe first work day should be monday by default?


keld at dkuug dot dk, le Mon 10 Apr 2006 15:08:29 -0000, a écrit :
> I don't know if this is correct wrti the software Sunday being 1
> and Monday being 2, but if it is, I sincerely believe it is an
> error in the software. Monday should be 1, and Sunday should be 0 or
> Seven. This according both to the POSIX standard ISO/IEC 9945 and
> to the ISO locale standard ISO/IEC TR 14652.

Please re-read 14652 about week:

     If the keyword is not specified the values are taken as 7, 19971130
     (a Sunday), and 7 (Saturday), respectively. ISO 8601 conforming
     applications should use the values 7, 19971201 (a Monday), and 4
     (Thursday), respectively. This keyword is optional.

Hence 1 can designate a Sunday (default value), or a Monday (ISO 8601
behavior), or actually anything else (other week systems).



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