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[Bug localedata/2388] [PATCH] week-ndays;week-1stday;week-1stweek data for some locales

------- Additional Comments From sbrabec at suse dot cz  2006-04-11 09:38 -------
OK. But current week start data are broken for sure, too.

Please let me know, whether glibc will plan to use "week_start" or ISO 14652
"week" lines. I will try to contact translators and ask them for confirmation
(actually I have more issues to collect from them - preferred setup of LANGUAGE
variable, missing transliteration support in locales,...).


We searched over all our distribution, and it seems, that no package actually
uses it: util-linux's cal has this part commented out (because it gave bad
results), upstream gtk+ uses glibc week start, but most distributions patch gtk+
to not use these data (and use po filess fallbacks) or patch glibc to fix these
data (because they got complains).

Our based on gtk+ fallbacks in po files are better (and provided by native
speakers), but still not correct, because they are language based, not
language+country based. I am not sure, what is the source of Debian patch, but
we can start by comparing them.


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