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[Bug localedata/2135] Please add esperanto locale (eo_UY)

------- Additional Comments From eggert at gnu dot org  2006-05-07 04:16 -------
There are several considerations here.  If there are ISO standard
language codes and user communities who maintain the translations,
then there is no reason not to take a language no matter how few
people really use it.  For locales, if there is an ISO code and a
recognized standard specifying the details, there is no reason not to
take them.  There is already a backlog of locales for languages spoken
by children that warrant examination, at a higher priority than
locales for languages spoken only by adults.  We should get a
regularized and streamlined procedure for dealing with locale stuff.

We plan to judge requests for new locales like any other features that
users ask for: by how many users would like them and how pressing
their needs are, by who offers to do the work, and by the practical
problems of having the GNU C library support the features.  For now,
it seems to be a good idea to let Debian and Mandrake's glibc ports
experiment with this particular request and see how well it works in
practice.  We can revisit the suggestion later for glibc itself.


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