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[Bug localedata/2135] Please add esperanto locale (eo_UY)

------- Additional Comments From eduardo at esperanto dot org dot uy  2006-05-24 15:22 -------
Subject: Re:  Please add esperanto locale (eo_UY)

While I understand your comments[1], I think that it's not appropiate to leave the bug closed as WONTFIX stating that sometime in the future you will take care of it.

Debian has had an esperanto locale (eo_EO) for at least seven years and it simply works (for example, the Debian webpages are built using it).  There is nothing technically weird about this locale.  Do you feel there is a need for further experience?

We've been asking for many years (from 2001 at least) to add an esperanto locale to glibc.  We've tried everything, from simple "eo" to "eo_XX" and now "eo_country code".

What do you suggest we have to do to have glibc accept an esperanto locale in one of the proposed forms? (eo_XX, eo_FR, eo_UY).  We understand that eo_EO is wrong and that eo_XX might be not acceptable to you because XX is private, although it is the preferred form.  But what about eo_UY?

Thanks, Eduardo.

PD: Since you brought it up I have to add that there are native speakers, so the language is spoken by adults and children.



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