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[Bug localedata/10580] New file for hr_HR localedata

------- Additional Comments From invisible at hidden-city dot net  2009-10-30 01:35 -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> The locale doesn't compile correctly:
> /home/drepper/gnu/libc/localedata/locales/hr_HR:143: LC_COLLATE: syntax error
> LC_ADDRESS: invalid escape `%n' sequence in field `postal_fmt'
> LC_TELEPHONE: invalid escape sequence in field `tel_int_fmt'
> LC_TELEPHONE: invalid escape sequence in field `tel_dom_fmt'
> no output file produced because warnings were issued

Hi Ulrich, thanks for your time and reply...

I'm aware of this errors, but they are more system wide errors than hr_HR ones.
I wrote about them in the long explanation... I'm quite sure you didn't have
time to read it all, but let me repeat the last paragraph of RATIONALE which is
of importance here:

There are some general locale system errors which are not specific to Croatian
locale, so if Ulrich Drapper (if he has some time) or someone else versed in in
glibc internals can look at change descriptions to LC_COLLATE, LC_ADDRESS and
LC_TELEPHONE, and help me a bit with system errors found there while using
localedef I'd be really thankful :o)

Allow me to elaborate just a bit to make it easier for you:

"hr_HR:143: LC_COLLATE: syntax error" ::
I've used quotes to mark digraph <d><z>. I used that designation since the same
designation is used in "iso14651_t1_common" file...
Look with: `grep '<d><z>' iso14651_t1_common`

"LC_ADDRESS: invalid escape `%n' sequence in field `postal_fmt'" ::
%n is a valid escape sequence per "ISO/IEC TW 14652". It states: 
"%n -- Person's name, possibly constructed with the LC_NAME "name_fmt" keyword"

LC_TELEPHONE: invalid escape sequence in field `tel_int_fmt'
LC_TELEPHONE: invalid escape sequence in field `tel_dom_fmt' ::
Again, as per ISO/IEC TW 14652, it contains no invalid escape sequence... %c %a
%A %l %e and %t are mentioned in standard.

Thank you once more...

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