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Freer.o fix

Hi Everyone,
    I posted a question about the Makefile freezing at freer.o. The problem
I found was that, the mallocr.c does not have a function called freer, and
thus it is freezing there looking for it. I took out the line from the make
file and it seems to work well. I had this problem happening in Newlib

Here is the "diff" of my update:

< LIBADD_OBJS = reallocr.$(oext) callocr.$(oext) cfreer.$(oext) \
< 	mallinfor.$(oext) freer.$(oext) mallstatsr.$(oext) msizer.$(oext)
> LIBADD_OBJS = freer.$(oext) reallocr.$(oext) callocr.$(oext)
cfreer.$(oext) \
> 	mallinfor.$(oext) mallstatsr.$(oext) msizer.$(oext) mallocr.$(oext)
< #freer.$(oext): mallocr.c
< #	$(MALLOC_COMPILE) -DDEFINE_FREE -c $(srcdir)/mallocr.c -o $@
> freer.$(oext): mallocr.c
> 	$(MALLOC_COMPILE) -DDEFINE_FREE -c $(srcdir)/mallocr.c -o $@

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Balaji V. Iyer.

PS. If you have any questions, please CC me in your response since I am not
subscribing to this mailing list.

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