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[Bug translator/10025] wildcards lose when embedded in conditional %( %) expressions

------- Additional Comments From fche at redhat dot com  2010-05-18 04:43 -------
> I thought about peeking ahead to the next token and merging them, but you also
> need to make sure that we don't merge them when they truly are two tokens, like
> "foo *" (which in a probe point should be a syntax error).

Maybe we can relax that 'should be a syntax error' thing and accept it anyway.
(This could be a stap version-sensitive parser change if desired).  So the
idea would be to do token-pasting within parse_probe_point only, gluing
together tok_identifier / tok_keyword / selected-tok_operator into a single
synthetic tok_identifier for the probe_point component.  If we want to be
selective to the presence of whitespace, one not-too-gross way may be to
have a new flag within tokens, set by the lexer, to indicate that some
whitespace was skipped since the last token.  We'd stop the gluing upon
such a token.


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