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ARM ABI calling conventions


I need some help with ARM calling conventions. While cleaning up some
arm support code (I am now able to get nice backtraces across
modules/kernel boundaries using the dwarf unwinder, whoho!), I noticed
the following failures:

Running /root/systemtap/testsuite/systemtap.context/context.exp ...
FAIL: int64 function arguments -- numeric
FAIL: int64 function arguments -- numeric --kelf --ignore-dwarf

Which is now

The problem is that I don't fully understand which ABI calling
conventions are in used on the various ARM distros. Nor do I understand
how to detect which one is being used. Can the ABI calling conventions
be different between kernel and user space?

Fedora15 ARM HardFP port [*] uses EABI (though it isn't officially
called EABI anymore). That is what I am using on a little trimslice now.
But apparently older Fedora ports also used EABI (at least for the
integral argument passing, floating point argument passing is a
different story).

What tapsets/arm/register.stp seems to support is the ARM OABI.
Are there still distros that use that one?



which uses the calling convention described in the AAPCS

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