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[Bug tapsets/12413] kprocess.* support PIDs but not TIDs

David Smith <dsmith at redhat dot com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|RESOLVED                    |REOPENED
                 CC|                            |dsmith at redhat dot com
         Resolution|FIXED                       |

--- Comment #2 from David Smith <dsmith at redhat dot com> 2011-12-13 22:28:11 UTC ---
It looks like this fix doesn't work (and we didn't notice until now since the
build testcase wasn't updated to include the new variables):

# stap -L 'kprocess.release'
semantic error: unable to find member 'tid' for struct task_struct
(alternatives: state stack usage flags ptrace lock_depth prio static_prio
normal_prio rt_priority sched_class se rt preempt_notifiers fpu_counter
btrace_seq policy cpus_allowed sched_info tasks pushable_tasks mm active_mm
exit_state exit_code exit_signal pdeath_signal personality did_exec in_execve
in_iowait sched_reset_on_fork pid tgid stack_canary real_parent parent children
sibling group_leader ptraced ptrace_entry pids thread_group vfork_done
set_child_tid clear_child_tid utime stime utimescaled stimescaled gtime
prev_utime prev_stime nvcsw nivcsw start_time real_start_time min_flt maj_flt
cputime_expires cpu_timers real_cred cred cred_guard_mutex
replacement_session_keyring comm link_count total_link_count sysvsem
last_switch_count thread fs files nsproxy signal sighand blocked real_blocked
saved_sigmask pending sas_ss_sp sas_ss_size notifier notifier_data
notifier_mask audit_context loginuid sessionid seccomp utrace utrace_flags
parent_exec_id self_exec_id alloc_lock irqaction pi_lock pi_waiters
pi_blocked_on blocked_on irq_events hardirqs_enabled hardirq_enable_ip
hardirq_enable_event hardirq_disable_ip hardirq_disable_event softirqs_enabled
softirq_disable_ip softirq_disable_event softirq_enable_ip softirq_enable_event
hardirq_context softirq_context curr_chain_key lockdep_depth lockdep_recursion
held_locks lockdep_reclaim_gfp journal_info bio_list bio_tail reclaim_state
backing_dev_info io_context ptrace_message last_siginfo ioac acct_rss_mem1
acct_vm_mem1 acct_timexpd mems_allowed cpuset_mem_spread_rotor
cpuset_slab_spread_rotor mems_allowed_change_disable cgroups cg_list
robust_list compat_robust_list pi_state_list pi_state_cache __reserved_perf__
perf_event_mutex perf_event_list mempolicy il_next fs_excl rcu splice_pipe
delays make_it_fail dirties latency_record_count latency_record timer_slack_ns
default_timer_slack_ns scm_work_list curr_ret_stack ret_stack ftrace_timestamp
trace_overrun tracing_graph_pause trace trace_recursion rh_reserved
perf_event_ctxp): operator '->' at
        source:     released_tid = $p->tid;
semantic error: unresolved type : identifier 'released_tid' at :120:5
        source:     released_tid = $p->tid;
kprocess.release task:long pid:long released_pid:long released_tid:unknown
$p:struct task_struct*

I'm thinking:

probe kprocess.release = kernel.function("release_task") {
    task = $p
    pid = $p->pid;
    released_pid = $p->pid;
    released_tid = $p->tid;

Should be changed to:

probe kprocess.release = kernel.function("release_task") {
    task = $p
    pid = task_pid($p)
    released_pid = task_pid($p)
    released_tid = task_tid($p)

We also might think about really deprecating 'pid' (since 'released_pid' seems
to replace it).

We'll also need the testcase updated.

Does the above look reasonable?

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