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RE: Tune reader_thread poll timeout value

>That's an important point, that this tunable as you've implemented it is
>built into stapio, not into individual modules, so it's much more
>static.  Maybe this would be better as a command-line option to
>staprun/stapio?  (like the current -b buffer size)

For most people, this tunable is a low-importance item/corner case quite specific to TI so this is why we did not intend to expose it to command line, which is generally more generic and key things to play with.
Thinking about this, we generally prefer high timeout value for Power Management considerations except for "probe timer.s(x)" scripts like iotop.stp where it is interesting to see directly the output. Still, setting tunable to something like 2s would make everyone happy on our side so we would not play with different values on the fly.

But if systemtap experts feel it is worth exposing it like -b option, we will of course patch accordingly, this would be the most flexible solution !


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