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Latest testing results with inode-uprobes

Here's what I'm getting with the latest run of the inode-uprobes code:

		=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes		3087
# of unexpected failures	136
# of unexpected successes	7
# of expected failures		246
# of unknown successes		1
# of known failures		42
# of untested testcases		83
# of unsupported tests		2

Not too shabby.  A good number of the failures, 73, comes from the fact
that the inode-uprobes code doesn't have return probes yet and that the
systemtap code doesn't support .absolute probes with inode-uprobes since
there is no (semi-easy) way to turn a raw address into file
inode+offset.  Note that it is possible that the failures related to
process.return and process.absolute probes are masking other problems.

- Tests failing because of the lack of process.return probes (and the
number of failures in parens):

systemtap.base/at_var.exp (1)
systemtap.base/bz10078.exp (2)
systemtap.base/bz6850.exp (2)
systemtap.base/global_var.exp (6)
systemtap.base/library.exp (8)
systemtap.base/process_by_cmd.exp (1)
systemtap.base/uprobes.exp (4)
systemtap.context/fib.exp (2)
systemtap.context/uprobe_uaddr.exp (6)
systemtap.unprivileged/unprivileged_myproc.exp (18)
systemtap.unprivileged/unprivileged_probes.exp (18)

- Tests failing because of the lack of process.absolute probes (and the
number of failures in parens):

systemtap.pass1-4/buildok.exp (1)
systemtap.unprivileged/unprivileged_myproc.exp (2)
systemtap.unprivileged/unprivileged_probes.exp (2)

- Here's a list of failing testcases that looks like legitimate bugs in
the new code:


I've attached the systemtap.sum.

David Smith
Red Hat
256.217.0141 (direct)
256.837.0057 (fax)

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