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[Bug translator/14228] Unable to generate instrumentation for other system, with older kernel: Missing separate debuginfos

Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> changed:

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                 CC|                            |fche at redhat dot com

--- Comment #1 from Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> 2012-06-13 11:38:13 UTC ---
The systemtap error message indicates what is necessary.  When compiling this
type of script for any particular kernel version, you will need the latter's
kernel-debuginfo*.  From your stap-report output, you only have the
3.3.7-1.fc16 set installed:

kernel-3.1.0 7.fc16.i686
kernel-3.3.7 1.fc16.i686
kernel-debuginfo-3.3.7 1.fc16.i686
kernel-debuginfo-common-i686-3.3.7 1.fc16.i686
kernel-devel-3.1.0 7.fc16.i686
kernel-devel-3.3.7 1.fc16.i686
kernel-headers-3.3.7 1.fc16.i686

Like stap says, you would need to also install
kernel-debuginfo-3.1.0-7.fc16.i686.  Modern fedora should be fine with that
(though we have had kernel packaging bugs in the past that caused installation

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