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Re: Questions

Hi Stan,

I'm a lurker, and have not again become a power xconq player like
I was in my pre-worker days, but there are a few things I remember
from the earlier versions of xconq which may still be relevent

1.  Actually, the monochrome screens were quite useful when the
colormaps didn't quite work out for various reasons.  (One of them
is that X can still be quite braindead when it comes to colormaps.
Another is that colors that look "right," or at least distinct on
one monitor may not on another, and monochrome was sometimes the
only workaround since only a single color scheme was available.)
However, I wouldn't consider this a high priority item, especially
if I'm the only one asking for it.  ^_^

2.  Independent, special-purpose windows, PLEASE!  That way, I can
independently size each window as needed or desired.  Also (but this
is another low priority item), if there's any way to specify different
displays for each of the windows, or at the very least the main
viewport window versus all the rest, then that would be a godsend.
Once again, braindead X, with its inability to consider multiple
monitors as one "virtual" monitor is the reason -- you have to
specify each as "foo:0.0," "foo:0.1," "foo:0.2," etc.

I have two monitors hooked up to my system, and it would be quite
awesome if I could specify that the main viewport window appear on
my high-resolution monitor, and the other ones (such as the help
window) on my lower-resolution monitor.

I suppose some people who liked the single-window (multi-pane)
approach might complain about this.  A "simple" solution might be
to have the multiple windows appear in the same relative location
as they might had they been all part of a single window ....


				Bob Carragher

------------Included Message------------
From:     Stan Shebs <>
Date:     Thu, 3 Dec 1998 20:17:58 -0800
Subject:  Questions

So in the process of hacking on the new tcl/tk interface, some
questions came up:

1. Does anybody at all have monochrome screens anymore?  If not,
terrain display code could get much simpler.

2. For people who've used/seen both the Mac and the X11 interface, is
it better to have a big map window with lots of panes, or independent
special-purpose windows?

3. What are the interface features you particularly liked or disliked
about the Mac or the X11 interface?  For instance, I liked the "mouse
over" line in the Mac interface, and added it to the tcl/tk code.
What else should I be sure to add?  What's a loser that should go away?

(At present the tcl/tk interface is only for Unix and Windows; although
in theory it could be brought up on the Mac as well, it would be quite
a bit of additional work to catch up with Hans Ronne's Mac improvements)


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