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Re: cNon-developer comments and reports on 7.2

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Stan Shebs wrote:

>>    * Errors
>>    copying command - did nothing
> ??? Perhaps you had the help window up, but behind other windows.
> The copying command just switches to the GPL node in the help info.
*blush* - yes, that must have been that... But it does not get to the GPL
node on my system, just swithces help on and stay in the last node. 

> Mac version now...  This is one area where a tcl-based interface would
> be an improvement over the current version...
> I'm presently undecided as to whether to try to patch Athena widgets
> into behaving, or to jump directly to tcl/tk and focus on getting it
> right then.  You're right that the current list is too cryptic.

I would like to point out a problem: tcl has no place here if you
stick to C/GDL (it would be tk accessed from C, right?), and tk seems
a *very* slow toolkit to me, with long start up times for widgets
etc. It does offer great portability (Mac and Win32 versions, I hear,
and Perl bindings and more), but perhaps it is not the best bet
considering xconq already is rather Mac-aware.

Perhaps other candidates should be inspected. Gtk surely starts and runs
faster on my small machine (P90 on 8bbp 1024/768). There is also fltk  
( that looks interesting, but I
have never tested that.

> There are a couple wrinkles that make this hard to do right in general;
> for instance, you can have two infantry building a base and complete it
> in half the time (try it).

*blush again* Didn't know about that one! Is it documented? It sure is a
nice thing to know if the competence does not :)

>>    zoomed cell window: Often a user zooms in the map to see what is
>>    happening inside a cell and then zoom out to move the newly selected
>>    unit etc. A zoomed-in view of the current cell to the left of the
>>    unit-status window (above the buttons) would be really helpful,
>>    especially if units could be selected and moved there. Tricky, I
>>    suppose.
> Not too tricky, just a matter of reserving space in the unit status
> area.  I was considering just doing the unit, not trying to draw the
> whole cell and contents.
Yes, that would sure look good. But IMO the player often wants to see
the situation in the whole ceel (and perhaps, to make your work harder,
even click on an occupant and perfrom an action on the enlarded view of
the cell).

If you should consider this implementable, I surely think other people on
the list should say something. Does this look interesting enough to other

Jan Javorsek

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