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More proposals (was Re: Sieges...)

> Now that 7.2 is released it's the time to discuss all those wild
> ideas for 7.3.

There seems to be some ongoing development so I'll throw in my 0.02

A zillion years ago I tried to create a strategic level standard-type
game, with elements taken from the board game "Advanced Third Reich".
That project failed:

-If a unit has a ZOC that limits nearby movement (e.g. in adjacent
 cells), there seems to be no way to separately stop enemy units from
 entering the cell it's occupying. This is more damaging to game play
 than it seems.
-In reality, WW2 era air units couldn't wipe out armies. They should
 somehow be restricted to ground support missions in that respect. In
 order to implement that I suggest a new concept, "pressure". Some
 attacks could cause pressure in place of, or in addition of, potential
 damage. When a unit is under pressure it has lower chances to survive
 any subsequent battles and a higher chance to be forced to withdraw
 when attacked. Pressure could last one turn only or be gradually
 diminished over many turns. The concept of pressure could be used to
 simulate concerted attacks, too - something I gather is missing
 entirely from XConq at the moment.
-There is some muddiness in the action point system that I can't
 quite recall at the moment. I'll investigate if anyone cares.

As nice as the standard game is, it's really just a frantic action game
with the current rules. I want more depth, please.

> IMHO, one big fat feature missing from xconq is a way to implement
> sieges.  In many historical periods sieges were a focal point of
> warfare; it is currently impossible to design a game approximating
> them even roughly.

Yes, Empires In Arms comes to mind... there is a wealth of excellent
rules regarding sieges in various board games, just adapt some from

Sami Perttu                       "Flower chase the sunshine"

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