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RE: [Ann] jd.xslt - a XSLT 1.1 processor


thank you for your welcome message!

I must admit: The number of stylesheets I have written myself is very
limited so I just can express my admiration for all the xsl wizards on
the list which leave no question without an answer. But I will do my best
to contribute to the list.

A Trax interface for the XSLT processor seems to be a good idea and will
be put on the todo list. I also received feedback about a bug in the DTD 
which will be fixed in the next days.


>Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 17:11:44 -0000
>From: "Michael Kay" <>
>Subject: RE: [xsl] [Ann] jd.xslt - a XSLT 1.1 processor
> > Announcing the stylesheet processor jd.xslt, version 1.0:
>Welcome to the XSLT implementor's club: it's growing fast. (Can I retire
>I hope you will also join the society of answerers of frequently asked
>questions about namespaces, ampersands, and incorrect context nodes. We
>could do with some fresh blood, as you can tell from the ever-decreasing
>length of my replies.
>I had a few problems getting relative URIs to resolve with your software but
>I guess that's just configuration trouble. It looks an impressively complete
>implementation for a first announcement, and I don't feel so lonely now
>treading into XSLT 1.1 territory.
>(It would be nice to have a TrAX interface to make comparisons between
>Saxon, Xalan, and jd.xslt even easier).
>Mike Kay
>Software AG

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