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Passing an already parsed document into an xalan processor

Hello All,

I am using the xalan processor to transform my xml.  I want to pass an xml
document that is already parsed into the processor.  I do this using the
following code.  (PROCESSOR: xalan 2_0_D07)

          TransformerFactory tFactory;
          Transformer transformer;
          DOMSource xmlSource;

          xmlSource = new DOMSource(<<xml Document of type Document>>);

          tFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
          transformer = tFactory.newTransformer(new StreamSource(<<xslt

          transformer.transform(xmlSource,new StreamResult(<<output

This code works fine, but when I put a timestamp around the transformation
it takes twice as long to process then when I pass in an inputstream   .

Should this be the case?  I thought that because the xml data was already
parsed it would be quicker to process.

I am using XSLT to dynamically create html pages on the fly from xml data.
  This is for a pre-existing application, so performance is very important.

Thanks a million,
Deirdre O'Brien
Deirdre O'Brien
QAD Ireland,
Hamilton House,
National Technological Park,

PHONE:   ++ 353 61 213638     EMAIL:
FAX:     ++ 353 61 213990     WEB:

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