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RE: namespace values

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan Borden

> You've hit upon the heart of the issue. The W3C XML Namespace 
> recommendation
> left open the possibility that a namespace name, being a URI 
> reference,
> might be dereferenced. It did not say what need or ought be 
> returned when
> dereferencing a namespace name.
> RDDL was created explicity as *an* answer to this
> question. As you say assuming that "if it does exist you 
> could put values or
> definitions inside it". What form ought these values and/or 
> definitions
> take?

Niso seem to be on a similar kick, backing off from uri to url.

Its been submitted to NISO for adoption. The focus is on metadata though.
Regards DaveP

<desc>The OpenURL is a protocol for interoperability between an information
resource and a service component that offers localized services in an open
linking environment. It is in effect an actionable URL that transports
metadata or keys to access metadata for the object for which the OpenURL is
provided. The target of the OpenURL is the user's institutional service
component (ISC). The remainder of the OpenURL transports the object's
metadata. The format specification for OpenURL can be found at </desc>

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