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OT: writing XML with JS in IE5.5

Sorry for the off topic post but there seem to be some people here who know
IE5.5 better than I.  If people can respond off-list (unless there is some
relevance rto this list???) that would be great. I have been trying to get
help from the MS newsgroups but to no avail. You will need to use IE5.5 to
edit the HTML page, but not to see the javascript working on the HTML DOM to
rewrite the original XML. Thanks!

I have XSL/XML that
creates an HTML page to my app's particular needs- that works fine (it
is serverside with SAXON as the XSLT processor).

I am using contentEditable to allow editing on the page. Then, onclick of a
button, I use JavaScript to "roundtrip" the page's HTML back to the
necessary XML structure.

Here is a sample page:

It is basically working except for a few things:

1.) Is it expected behavior that when you hit the spacebar in a
contentEditable SPAN that an   is inserted?  Is there some way to avoid
this behavior?

2.) When I edit the page the first time and submit it to my JS function to
re-assemble back to XML everything works fine. But If I edit the same SPAN
again or a different SPAN(in the same browser session) the part that I
edited is cutoff along with everything before it in the same SPAN.  I put in
alert(rootnode.innerHTML) to see what the page's HTML looks like before it
goes through the JS roundtrip process and everything is there (remember the
roundtrip works the first time around).

Any ideas on how to solve these problems?


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