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Re: given @id="1.2.3" .... -1 || +1 to the "3" in @id??

the sections for the prev & next links are in
different xml files, so I can't use xpath to determine
if it's the first or last element. I will have an
attribute first="1.1.1" and last="1.1.3" in each
<section> element. Then I can compare if the current
"id" attribute is equal to first or last and determine
whether or not there is a prev or next link.

--- "Christopher R. Maden" <> wrote:
> At 15:28 29-06-2001, Anthony E. wrote:
> >given @id="1.2.3", how do I add or subtract 1 from
> the
> >'.3' in the string "1.2.3" in a stylesheet?
> >
> >I need to create "prev | next" links generated from
> >the current @id number for a file. ie - 'prev' link
> >would be equal to '1.2.2', and 'next' link would be
> >equal to '1.2.4'
> You sure about that?  How do you know if it's the
> last one in its 
> section?  What do you do then for the next?  Or what
> if it's the first (for 
> prev)?
> If this section has an 'id' attribute (which is
> obviously not an ID 
> attribute), perhaps the next and previous sections
> have 'id' attributes, 
> too, and using their values would work better than
> just doing the calculation.
> -Chris
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