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XSL and CSS (was Re: XSL-FO)


Your original question is quite open-ended, since CSS plays in a number of 
different ways. CSS semantics are rolled into XSL-FO; XML can be browsed 
with CSS stylesheets in lieu of full-blown XSL, in some processors 
(including IE5 and the new Netscape); CSS also plays into the question of 
any HTML you may create if you take the route of XML->HTML for getting 
display, either client-side (as in IE/MSXML3) or in a server-side or batch 

Since in the final case the CSS is really applied to the HTML, not the XML 
as such, David says there's no overlap, and is conceptually correct, even 
though in such a case you will see the CSS in the XSLT transform -- you 
just have to recognize it's only part of the *result* tree, not the 
stylesheet's own instructions.

David also asked (was it in a different thread) why would one want to 
"pollute" HTML output with <font> tags, being that they are deprecated in 
HTML4/XHTML. One answer is that the HTML being produced has to work in old 
browsers (say generation 3), which don't support CSS, the natural and 
proper alternative to <font> and other such presentation-oriented kluges. 
Again, this is really not a question of the XSLT but of what kind of output 
you want.

As for CSS applied to XML, that ain't really in scope for this list is it? 
(heh). As for CSS semantics in XSL-FO, someone's weighed in on this.

  At 12:19 PM 7/4/01, you wrote:
>#  There is of course some overlap in functionality between XSL-FO and CSS
>#  but that's a different thread.
>but which I -am- interested in - just what is the overlap? Or is there a
>document you can point me at?

No, but maybe Jeni will write about this. :->


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