BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainCygwin: locales: implement own method to check locale validityCorinna Vinschen17 hours
masterCygwin: locales: implement own method to check locale validityCorinna Vinschen17 hours
cygwin-3_4-branchCygwin: kill(1): don't print spurious error messageCorinna Vinschen9 days
topic/musl-regexCygwin: regex: regexec: allow to evaluate full collating symbolsCorinna Vinschen10 days
topic/3.5Cygwin: don't autoload some kernel32 functionsCorinna Vinschen4 months
cygwin-3.4.6commit 5026cc873e...Corinna Vinschen6 weeks
newlib-4.3.0commit 9e09d6ed83...Jeff Johnston2 months
cygwin-3.4.5commit acce8bf075...Corinna Vinschen2 months
cygwin-3.4.4commit c45b043a94...Corinna Vinschen2 months
cygwin-3.4.3commit 5366b3403c...Jon Turney3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 hoursCygwin: locales: implement own method to check locale validityHEADmastermainCorinna Vinschen1-1/+61
17 hoursCygwin: locales: drop supporting iso639 strings as valid localesCorinna Vinschen1-11/+2
17 hoursCygwin: locales: set errno to ENOENT if locale is invalidCorinna Vinschen1-2/+8
17 hoursCygwin: /proc/locales: fix "sr" localesCorinna Vinschen1-2/+6
17 hoursCygwin: /proc/locales: fix sd_IN localeCorinna Vinschen1-1/+8
18 hoursnewlocale: set errno to ENOENT if __loadlocale failsCorinna Vinschen1-1/+4
3 daysCygwin: log disabling posix semanticsYoshinao Muramatsu1-1/+7
3 daysCygwin: fix rename in containerYoshinao Muramatsu1-0/+10
3 daysCygwin: fix unlink in containerYoshinao Muramatsu1-1/+4
3 daysCygwin: don't use unlink/rename POSIX semantics on certain NTFSCorinna Vinschen1-5/+9
4 daysCygwin: fs_info::update: fix NTFS filesystem flagsCorinna Vinschen1-7/+5
5 daysCygwin: regex: fix faulty check for valid range expressionCorinna Vinschen1-3/+1