2017-06-28 Ken BrownMove emodules/savi to a separate git repo master
2017-06-28 Ken BrownReorganize savi patches
2017-06-22 Ken BrownStart porting savi
2017-06-21 Ken BrownAdd geomview as a dependency of gvemod-labeler
2017-06-21 Ken BrownUpdate announce.txt
2017-06-20 Ken BrownAdd emodule gvemod-xforms-example
2017-06-20 Ken BrownAdd emodule gvemod-labeler
2017-06-20 Ken BrownAdd emodule gvemod-cplxview
2017-06-19 Ken BrownBegin adding remaining modules
2017-06-19 Ken BrownAdd maniview emodule
2017-06-17 Ken BrownAdd gvemod-crayola
2017-06-14 Ken BrownMinor change
2017-06-14 Ken BrownNew emodule
2017-06-13 Ken BrownFinish cygport file
2017-06-13 Ken BrownStart adding emodules
2017-06-13 Ken BrownFix extern inline definition in xforms-compat.h
2017-06-13 Ken BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2017-06-13 Ken BrownUse sourceforge mirror
2017-06-13 Ken BrownTweak announce.txt
2017-06-12 Ken BrownAdd announce.txt
2017-06-12 Ken BrownReorganize packaging
2017-06-12 Ken BrownMinor cygport fixes
2017-06-09 Ken BrownMinor tweaks
2017-06-09 Ken BrownAdd --withhtmlbrowser=cygstart
2017-06-09 Ken BrownInitial commit
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