python/gnome-python-desktop 2.24.0
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python/gnome-python-desktop 2.24.0

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evolution.README [deleted file]
gnome-python-desktop-2.22.0-1.cygport [deleted file]
gnome-python-desktop-2.24.0-1.cygport [new file with mode: 0644]
gnome-python-desktop.hint [moved from setup.hint with 76% similarity]
gtop.README [deleted file]
mediaprofiles.README [deleted file]
python-bugbuddy.README [moved from bugbuddy.README with 50% similarity]
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python-gnomeapplet.README [moved from gnomeapplet.README with 54% similarity]
python-gnomeapplet.hint [moved from gnomeapplet.hint with 50% similarity]
python-gnomedesktop2.README [moved from gnomedesktop.README with 55% similarity]
python-gnomedesktop2.hint [moved from gnomedesktop.hint with 65% similarity]
python-gnomekeyring.README [moved from gnomekeyring.README with 51% similarity]
python-gnomekeyring.hint [moved from gnomekeyring.hint with 72% similarity]
python-gnomeprint2.README [moved from gnomeprint.README with 71% similarity]
python-gnomeprint2.hint [moved from gnomeprint.hint with 55% similarity]
python-gtksourceview.README [moved from gtksourceview.README with 65% similarity]
python-gtksourceview.hint [moved from gtksourceview.hint with 59% similarity]
python-gtop2.README [new file with mode: 0644]
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python-mediaprofiles.hint [moved from mediaprofiles.hint with 59% similarity]
python-metacity.README [moved from metacity.README with 51% similarity]
python-metacity.hint [moved from metacity.hint with 59% similarity]
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python-totem-plparser.README [moved from totem.README with 53% similarity]
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rsvg.README [deleted file]
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