2013-10-09 Yaakov SelkowitzFix category master
2013-10-09 Yaakov SelkowitzSeparate doc package
2012-12-17 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for split pangox
2009-06-29 yselkowitzgnome/*: removed 'cygwin' from requires:
2009-03-26 yselkowitzgnome/gtkglext1.0: rebuilt
2008-12-10 yselkowitzgnome/gtkglext1.0: disable deprecations
2008-12-10 yselkowitzgnome/gtkglext1.0: rebuilt with cygport
2008-09-09 yselkowitzREADME: Ports website now hosted on
2006-06-16 yselkowitzInitial CVS import
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