2017-09-19 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for ruby-2.4 master
2017-03-21 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for python3.6, ruby-2.3
2015-05-21 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for ruby-2.2
2015-05-06 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for python3.4
2014-08-28 Yaakov SelkowitzAvoid Win32 functions
2014-08-27 Yaakov Selkowitzlibcaca 0.99.beta19
2013-01-15 Yaakov SelkowitzRebuilt for python2.7
2013-01-07 Yaakov SelkowitzPrep for distro
2012-08-27 Yaakov SelkowitzAdd PyPy bindings
2012-08-27 Yaakov SelkowitzFix Python loading of errno
2012-08-25 Yaakov Selkowitzlibcaca 0.99.beta18
2009-06-29 yselkowitzgraphics/*: removed 'cygwin' from requires:
2009-06-19 yselkowitzgraphics/libcaca: rebuilt
2009-03-29 yselkowitzgit-svn-id:
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