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February 26, 2006
18:07 Updated cygwin package: gnupg- Volker Quetschke

February 25, 2006
17:48 New/Updated: apr1-1.2.2-1 and libapr1, aprutil1-1.2.2-1 and libaprutil1 Max Bowsher

February 24, 2006
14:55 Updated: bsflite-0.81p2-1 Jonathan C. Allen

February 22, 2006
15:52 Updated: libggi2-2.2.0-2, libggi2-devel-2.2.0-2, libggi2-display-file-2.2.0-2, libggi2-display-terminfo-2.2.0-2, libggi2-display-x-2.2.0-2 and libggi2-samples-2.2.0-2. New package: libggi2-display-aa-2.2.0-2 Peter Ekberg
05:34 Updated: bison-2.1-1 Christopher Faylor
02:33 New Packages: perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.205-1, perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.07-1 Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)

February 21, 2006
18:17 New packages: libggimisc2-2.2.0-1, libggimisc2-devel-2.2.0-1 and libggimisc2-samples-2.2.0-1 Peter Ekberg
14:10 New packages: aalib-1.4rc5/libaa1-1.4rc5-1/aalib-devel-1.4rc5-1 - An ascii art library Dr. Volker Zell
13:15 New packages: libggiwmh0-0.3.0-1, libggiwmh0-devel-0.3.0-1, libggiwmh0-display-x-0.3.0-1 and libggiwmh0-samples-0.3.0-1 Peter Ekberg
09:07 New packages: geoip-1.3.14 -- IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library Jari Aalto
01:43 Updated: GNOME 2.12 libraries Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)

February 20, 2006
12:41 Updated: gv-3.6.1-1 Dr. Volker Zell
11:16 New packages: libggi2-2.2.0-1, libggi2-devel-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-file-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-terminfo-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-x-2.2.0-1 and libggi2-samples-2.2.0-1 Peter Ekberg

February 18, 2006
14:41 Updated: readline-5.1-4, libreadline6-5.1-4 Eric Blake

February 17, 2006
10:56 New package: libgii1-1.0.0-1 (and 2 subpackages) Peter Ekberg
06:12 Updated [experimental]: bashdb-3.1_0.04-1 Eric Blake

February 16, 2006
22:05 New Package: libgtkhtml2-2.6.3-2 Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)
21:31 Updated: xemacs-21.4.19-1/xemacs-tags-21.4.19-1/xemacs-emacs-common-21.4.19-1 Dr. Volker Zell
21:31 Updated: WordNet-2.1 Dr. Volker Zell
21:31 Updated: xpdf-3.01-2 Dr. Volker Zell
12:45 New Release: GNU Ghostscript 8.50-1 James R. Phillips
10:48 Updated: tin-1.8.1-1 Corinna Vinschen
10:16 Updated: OpenSSH-4.3p2-1 Corinna Vinschen

February 14, 2006
15:00 Updated: coreutils-5.94-1 Eric Blake

February 12, 2006
21:37 New Package: cairo-1.0.2-1 Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)
03:27 New packages: quilt-0.43 -- Tool to work with series of patches Jari Aalto

February 10, 2006
17:19 Obsoleted: pr3270, replaced with pr3287 Peter A. Castro

February 09, 2006
03:54 Updated: suite3270-3.3.4p7-1, c3270-3.3.4p7-1, pr3287-3.3.4p7-1,s3270-3.3.4p7-1, tcl3270-3.3.4p7-1, x3270-3.3.4p7-1 Peter A. Castro

February 08, 2006
13:26 Updated: readline-5.1-3, libreadline6-5.1-3 Eric Blake

February 06, 2006
22:16 New Package: jikes-1.22 -- Fast Java compiler adhering to language and VM specifications Jari Aalto
22:16 New package: httptunnel-3.3 -- Tunnel data stream in HTTP requests Jari Aalto

February 05, 2006
14:10 Updated: sed-4.1.5-1 Corinna Vinschen

February 03, 2006
10:40 Updated [test]: monotone-0.26pre1-1 Lapo Luchini

February 02, 2006
22:35 Updated: OpenSSH-4.3p1-2 Corinna Vinschen
20:08 New Package: glitz-0.4.4-2 Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)
02:29 New Package: gail-1.8.8-1 Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)

February 01, 2006
15:25 Updated: OpenSSH-4.3p1-1 Corinna Vinschen

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