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Updated: findutils-4.3.4-1

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A new release of findutils, 4.3.4-1, is available for use.  This release
was previously available for test, and is now promoted to current,
replacing 4.3.2-3.  4.2.27-1 remains the previous version.

This is a new upstream release, fixing several issues.  Based on reports
from this list, the upstream maintainer tried to fix -execdir, but there
is now a new issue that -execdir {} + only collects one file at a time.
The release is marked beta upstream, but the 4.3 series has, in general,
been enough of an improvement over the stable 4.2 series that I have
focused on 4.3 releases as the primary cygwin release.

Although the news file mentions the partial addition of birthtime support,
it requires rebuilding from source against a cygwin snapshot to take
advantage of this feature, since birthtime will not be supported
officially until cygwin 1.7.0.

See also /usr/share/doc/findutils-4.3.4/.

The findutils package contains programs which will help you locate files
on your system.  The find utility searches through a hierarchy of
directories looking for files which match a certain set of criteria (such
as a filename pattern).  The xargs utility builds and executes command
lines from standard input arguments (usually lists of file names generated
by the find command).  The locate utility scans a database of filenames
and displays matches.  The updatedb utility builds the database for locate.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up 'findutils' from
the 'Base' category (it should already be selected).

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need to
find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

- --
Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin findutils maintainer

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* Major changes in release 4.3.4

** Bug Fixes

#19634: Test suite now passes (again) if "." is on your $PATH.

#19619: Findutils builds once again on Cygwin.

#19617: Nonexistent start points are (once again) diagnosed in
ftsfind.  This bug affected only findutils-4.3.3.

#19616: Fix leaf optimisation and loop detection (which were
unreliable in findutils 4.3.3).  This bug affected only

#19615: find --version no longer claims to be using FTS_CWDFD when it
isn't.  This bug affected only findutils-4.3.3.

#19613: "find -L . -type f" no longer causes an assertion failure when
it encounters a symbolic link loop.  This bug affected only

#19605: Issue an error message (and later return nonzero exit status)
 if a symbolic link loop was encountered during directory traversal.

#19484: bigram.c and code.c fail if the first pathname recorded begins
with a space

#19483: Inconsistent option highlighting in updatedb manpage

#18414: Tests for "find -readable" are skipped for the superuser, as
 on some systems (e.g. Cygwin with an Administrative user) users can
 read mode-000 files.

** Translations

Findutils 4.3.4 includes a translation for the Ukranian language.

* Major changes in release 4.3.3

Fiundutils-4.3.3 was released on 2007-04-15.

** Bug Fixes

#19596: Correct the comparison in the find manpage between %b and %s
(the divisor is 512 not 1024).

#18714: In the POSIX locale, vertical tabs and form feeds are not
field separators.

#18713: Quoted but empty arguments which occur last on an xargs input
line are no longer ignored, but instead produce an empty argument.

#18554: Documented the construct  -exec sh -c 'foo "$@" bar' {} +

#18466: we now avoid this bug by limiting "-execdir ...+"
to just one argument for the time being.  There is a performance
penalty for doing this.  We hope to make a better fix in a later

#18384: excess bracket in xargs --help

#18320: Zero bytes in input should give warning

#17437: Corrected the handling of X in symbolic permissions (such
as-u+w,a+X).  This change actually occurred in findutils-4.3.2, but
the NEWS file for that release didn't mention it.

#17396: find -mtime -atime -ctime does not support fractional part
(see "Functional changes" below)

#14748: find -perm /zzz gives wrong result when zzz evaluates to an
 all-zero mask

#14535: correctly support case-folding in locate (that is, "locate
-i") for multibyte character environments such as UTF-8.  Previously,
if your search string contained a character which was outside the
single-byte-encoding range for UTF-8 for example, then the
case-folding behaviour failed to work and only exact matches would be

** Functional changes

The -printf action (and similar related actions) now support %S,
which is a measurement of the sparseness of a file.

The test "-perm /000" now matches all files instead of no files.  For
over a year find has been issuing warning messages indicating that
this change will happen.  We now issue a warning indicating that the
change has already happened (in 4.3.x only, there is no plan to make
this change in the 4.2.x series).

The tests -newer, -anewer, -cnewer, -mtime, -atime, -ctime, -amin,
-cmin, -mmin and -used now support sub-second timestamps, including
the ability to specify times with non-integer arguments.

The -printf format specifiers also support sub-second timestamps:
  atime   ctime  mtime
  %a      %c     %t
  %AS     %CS    %TS 
  %AT     %CT    %TT 
  %A+     %C+    %T+ 
  %AX     %CX    %TX 

The new test -newerXY supports comparison between status times for
files.  One of the status times for a file being considered (denoted
X) is checked against a reference time (denoted Y) for the file whose
name id the argument.  X and Y can be:

   a 	Access time
   B	Birth time (st_birthtime, currently unsupported)
   c	Change time
   m	Modification time
   t	Valid only for the reference time; instead of comparison
	against a file status time, the argument is a time string.
	Not yet supported.

For example, -newermm is equivalent to -newer, and -neweram is true if
the file being considered was accessed more recently than the
reference file was modified.  The -newerXY test supports subsecond
timestamps where these are available.  The X=B variant is not yet

If you configure the sourec code and then run the tests with "make
check", the test suite fails rather than defaulting to testing the
system binaries.

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