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April 30, 2008
01:25 Updated: {xerces-c/libxerces-c28/libxerces-c-devel/xerces-c-doc/xerces-c-test}-2.8.0-3 cygwin

April 29, 2008
03:54 Updated: asciidoc-8.2.6-1 Eric Blake

April 25, 2008
03:48 Updated: {pcre,libpcre0,pcre-devel,pcre-doc}-7.6-2 Yaakov (Cygwin Ports)
03:47 Updated: cygport-0.3.9-1 Yaakov (Cygwin Ports)
01:28 Updated: pkg-config-0.23a-1 cygwin
01:27 Updated: inetutils-1.5-3 cygwin

April 24, 2008
04:09 Updated: git- Eric Blake
03:54 Updated: {xerces-c/libxerces-c-devel/xerces-c-doc}-2.8.0-1 New: {libxerces-c28/xerces-c-test}-2.8.0-1 cygwin

April 21, 2008
20:03 Updated: mathomatic-12.9.2-2 Reini Urban
19:51 Updated: lftp-3.7.1-1 Andrew Schulman

April 20, 2008
15:09 Updated: flex-2.5.35-1 Christopher Faylor
14:48 Updated tcltk-20080420-1 Christopher Faylor
05:32 Updated: ssmtp-2.62-1 Charles Wilson

April 19, 2008
14:53 Updated: mathomatic-12.9.2-1 Reini Urban
14:53 Updated: clamav-0.93-1 Reini Urban
14:19 Updated: alternatives-1.3.30c-1 Charles Wilson

April 18, 2008
19:01 Updated: vorbis-tools-1.2.0-2 David Rothenberger

April 17, 2008
12:57 Updated: cygwin-1.5.25-12 Corinna Vinschen
03:24 Updated: tar-1.20-1 Eric Blake

April 14, 2008
19:57 update: gsl-1.11-1 (GNU Scientific Library) A.R. Burgers
18:57 Updated: csih-0.1.4-1 Charles Wilson
16:39 NEW: libtool-2.2.2-2 / Updated: libltdl7-2.2.2-2 Charles Wilson
16:31 Changes in libtool packaging Charles Wilson
16:30 NEW: libtool-1.5.27a-1 / Updated: libltdl3-1.5.27a-1 Charles Wilson
09:40 New packages: autotrace/libautotrace3/libautotrace-devel - A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics Dr. Volker Zell

April 11, 2008
11:34 Updated: Astyle-1.22-1 Chris Sutcliffe

April 10, 2008
21:23 Updated: atool-0.34.0-1 Andrew Schulman

April 09, 2008
12:13 Updated: git-1.5.5-1 Eric Blake

April 07, 2008
23:52 Updated: {jasper/libjasper1/libjasper-devel}-1.900.1-1: JPEG 2000 library Dr. Volker Zell
23:52 Updated: {t1lib/t1lib5/t1lib-devel/t1lib-x11/t1libx5/t1libx-devel}-5.1.2-1: Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts Dr. Volker Zell
23:52 Updated: multitail-5.2.1-1: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows. Dr. Volker Zell
23:51 Updated: gv-3.6.3-2: A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d Athena Widgets Dr. Volker Zell
23:51 Updated: {ghostscript/ghostscript-base/ghostscript-x11}-8.62-1 and ghostscript-fonts-{std-8.11-1|other-6.0-1} Dr. Volker Zell
22:05 Updated: {Xaw3d/libXaw3d7/libXaw3d-devel}-1.5D-6: A 3D version of the MIT Athena widget set for X Dr. Volker Zell
10:15 Updated: {fftw3/fftw3-doc/libfftw3_3/libfftw3-devel}-3.1.2-2 : discrete Fourier transform (DFT) library Marco Atzeri

April 06, 2008
23:58 New: {libtool2.2/libltdl7}-2.2.2-1 Charles Wilson
15:48 Updated: {libXft/libXft2/libXft-devel}-2.1.7-1: A client-side font API for X applications Dr. Volker Zell
02:27 Updated: gdb-6.8-1 (also includes GUI "insight" debugger) Christopher Faylor

April 03, 2008
12:17 Updated: OpenSSH-5.0p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
08:49 Updated: sysvinit-2.86-3: A System-V Init Clone Dr. Volker Zell
08:03 New package: grub 1.96-1 -- GRand Unified Bootloader 2 [experimental] Christian Franke
00:03 Updated: csih-0.1.3-1 Charles Wilson

April 02, 2008
17:34 Updated: {jasper/libjasper1.701_0/libjasper-devel}-1.701.0-3: JPEG 2000 library Dr. Volker Zell
17:34 Updated: {libsmi/libsmi2/libsmi-devel}-0.4.7-2: A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions Dr. Volker Zell

April 01, 2008
18:58 New package: cdrkit -- genisoimage, icedax, wodim Christian Franke
10:49 Updated: {mpfr/libmpfr1/libmpfr-devel}-2.3.1-1 David Billinghurst
10:49 Updated: {gmp/libgmp3/libgmp-devel}-4.2.2-1 David Billinghurst
04:35 Updated: {mingw-bzip2/mingw-libbz2_1}-1.0.5-2 Charles Wilson
04:33 Updated: {bzip2/libbz2_1/libbz2-devel}-1.0.5-2 Charles Wilson

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