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New package: logiweb-0.2.11-1

Version 0.2.11-1 of logiweb has been uploaded.

Logiweb allows to web publish 'Logiweb pages', i.e. journal quality articles which contain machine readable objects like programs, testsuites, definitions, axioms, lemmas, and proofs. Among other, Logiweb is suited for literate programming and for publication of machine verified proofs. Logiweb allows Logiweb pages to reference previously published Logiweb pages such that programs on a page may call programs on referenced pages, proofs on a page may reference lemmas on referenced pages, and so on. Here, 'reference' may mean 'reference across the Internet'.

The Logiweb package contains the Logiweb compiler (lgc). To use it, prepare a source text using an ordinary text editor and run the source through lgc. Then lgc will parse your source, macro expand it, compile it, execute all test cases in your source, and typeset it ready for publication. Test cases can be simple tests like '2+3=5' or it can be complex ones like 'all proofs in the source are correct' or 'all programs in the source are well-typed'.

The Logiweb language is a pure functional programming language with a backdoor to C. To learn it, go to or or and do the tutorial. For questions, use the logiweb mailing list (c.f.


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